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PhotoSweeper Lite 1.9.3

PhotoSweeper Lite helps you to get rid of duplicate photos.

PhotoSweeper Lite helps you to get rid of duplicate photos on your Mac.

PhotoSweeper Lite (a lightweight version of PhotoSweeper) helps you to get rid of duplicate photos. It works with photos from iPhoto, Aperture and Adobe Lightroom libraries, as well as photos from your hard drives and external storages. It allows you to find and group photos that have identical content or very similar, regardless of name.

DUPLICATE photos - absolutely equal photos, created by reserve copying, using multiple photo libraries etc. If you have several Macs, external hard drives, or just multiple copies of the same photo collection, and want to remove duplicates, this application is for you.

SIMILAR photos - photos that look identical to the human eye, but different to the computer, usually created by multi-shot capturing the same scene, or by editing with special software, like Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator etc. PhotoSweeper Lite DOES NOT detect this kind of photos as duplicates, but the FULL version of PhotoSweeper DOES the trick.

Why PhotoSweeper Lite?

• Support for iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom libraries.

• Beautiful and easy-to-use interface: great photo browsing, reviewing results in different modes, automatically marking photos etc.

• Extremely fast: based on state-of-the-art technologies and optimized for photo comparison.

This is the LITE version. The FULL version is named "PhotoSweeper" and:

• Finds SIMILAR photos providing 6 comparison methods. Photos are compared regardless of their sizes or formats and grouped by similarity. It allows you to find even edited photos and sequences of photo shots.

• Ability to move or copy photos you want to keep with or without bulk renaming.

A comprehensive user manual and demo-version are available on our site: /

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PhotoSweeper Lite


PhotoSweeper Lite 1.9.3

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